About Plato Ljusdesign

Shop lighting design with incandescent light bulbs

Light is amazing. Light creates ambiance, makes us feel good and helps a good spatial awareness. With help of lighting design we can highlight a room’s character, interior and architecture. The light contributes to how we experience the room and determine whether we enjoy being in the room or not. At the same time can light, if used improperly, be a hassle, disturbing and even make us sick.

Light is simply fascinating, and it is this fascination which motivates Plato Ljusdesign.

We are a consulting company in the lightning design field. Located in Malmö, Sweden, with almost twenty years experience of working with lightning design. Our customers are mainly in public sector, corporate customers and organizations. We are a reliable partner for your projects, from planning to installation and evaluation.

We always strive to create a lighting design adapted for the human needs. Lighting design can be anything, from an impressive lighting for a night club environment with moving lights to a functional office lighting where the light is an important part of a good working environment.

For us it is a natural part of the work to take into account the environment and actively work for a minimal environmental impact, to contribute to a sustainable development of the society. It may be a matter of using the best possible products that provide the best possible working environment, with a minimized energy consumption.

Welcome to contact us to discuss how Plato Ljusdesign can help you to realize your visions and projects.

Stage lighting design with GLP Impression

Lighting design competence

Plato Ljusdesign operated by me, Anders Plato. I have studied lighting design at Jönköping University of Technology and project management at Malmö University. In addition to work with light, I also have experience as a sound engineer and service technician for arcade and bowling equipment. My first job was as a stage technician at Wallmans Salonger in Malmö.

Anders PlatoI am fascinated by nature and the way light varies depending on the season, location and what latitude you are at. It gives me inspiration when I work with light; my knowledge about natural light is something I use a lot when working with a project.

For more information about Plato Ljusdesign; take a look at past projects. (in Swedish, but nice pictures 🙂 )

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